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1234567890, high score 277, beat that


try 6,969,696,969

i got 1,080,106

I got 1,231,539

2,284,085... Thats insane.

8796: super laggy

2008376601: total rng. you cannot controll anything

no joke my best is 6136 and I was really lucky to get that.


RNG stands for Random Number Generator, that is when a website / game decides what you'll get, this level is luck, not RNG there is in fact a difference that makes the choice of words you used difficult for some to understan

Please Mac :(

3010407: keep the ball up touching the celing, basicly spam up

Try 0,000,000,000... I'm not joking, my best is 1,801,850

list of do-nothing win game seeds list:

for the context of this list, a positive score is considered a win.










| E







Level 733333148 is so good just spam w/up the whole tim


iamgine there is a secret one

Go to 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 XD
My best is 28,567

lol mine is 323,080 you just have to spam A and D the whole time xd


by doing nothing, you get 748 points

game 2569796864 is actually good lmao

your right, you actualy have an objective in this game, avoid the triangle


i found the same game i played


can i make the screen smaler


Imagine trying to get a 100% completion on this

I found a clicker game. Lol. 154536304

epic i tried it pressing up sim


game 00,000,000,000 is really cool


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5391347807 - press up arrow to win and 8159806400 is my favorite

also like 4359867816 because you can't lose points

0860924856 is just points

9003666029 is cool


69421 - the idle game

I tried a few and found a few good ones

359 - Short game try to find a good way to get a high score (Mine is 70 152)

361 - Only one way to gain points, three ways to lose points (My HS is 286 780)

I will add more games as I find them

try 5115266871, it'll lag your computer.

7864425354 is insanity

9172819453 is epi

ngl 778 is like... really really fun

1545362399 is a GREAT game in my opinion. It's crazy overall that you made 10 billion games!

... With 2 seed-based randomizers.

7,007,016,347 is a great game.

there probably a better seed but 5115266845 gets so much


5436340946 is the best minus points grinder


0687964848 is fun and 9764927805 is chaotic


6351599910 afk points

love it


Did you take it down or something? it's not even loading


here you cant move like at all or i haven't found a way to : 9213998960


no way to get score here : 8857416049


31 is fun you get afk points


I got 599326 for game 5,247,877,168

0000000030 is POINT

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