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Right, just got to the last stage. Here are my thoughts:

  • BROINK is all about the opening. Bad opening means disadvantage, disadvantage means exploitation, and exploitation means increasingly certain defeat. Other than that, the main guidelines are: focus, don't be overconfident, don't let the opponent intimidate you, and seize every possible opportunity with high accuracy.
  • One easy way to beat the first 6 AI opponents is to mirror their movements, but with more momentum, because they are not as precise as the last AI opponent. This gives you an advantage, because you can mirror their tactics while also having the flexibility to perform them better.
  • The only way to beat the final AI opponent is to exploit the centre line before it vanishes, as the AI was not designed to account for that. If it was, I can say with near certainty that it would be impossible. The AI is designed to make perfect mathematical decisions based on your position and velocity, assuming a clear board. Bouncing from the centre line allows you to deflect on your own terms, and doing this while it has momentum will give it a disadvantage, as it plans as though you are trying to avoid the edge based on the AI specifically. I have not been able to get more than one consecutive win on it, as it is very difficult to pull off.
  • Straight up, this game is worse than Touhou and Sans Undertale - though, based on time, the first six stages were significantly easier as I had them beat in around 15 minutes or so. If this game was made into a unique soul mode, precision players everywhere would be tearing their hair out. In fact, I think it would actually work well for Patience, just because that trait would be required to master it. Well done
  • You should make it playable with a mouse and maybe a choice of mouse up, mouse down or spacebar or something...playing with a keyboard isn't as precise and it's starting to hurt my fingers because I have an unpreventable psychological impulse that makes me push the keys harder trying to force the ball into a certain direction
  • The final AI has the most intense, cliff-looking, superintelligent-AI-style T-bagging I've ever seen

nice balls


i love balls



the ai isnt working i dont even have a ball writen ai

Writing AI on the ball was something I did for the YT video only. It doesn't look too pretty. What exactly isn't working?

Fun game, but you can easily break the 2 player mode if white presses all 4 arrow keys at once in a very specific order, which will result in the white player always moving left and the black player not being able to control the game anymore.

I think that's a keyboard problem. Best case you play with two gamepads. :)

I tried, but for some reason my controller wasn't working, idk

Is the game looking specifically for controller 1 and 2? Because if so, I would maybe recommend that you create a little screen saying like "player 1, press any button" or something like that, so that the controller doesn't have to be connected as controller 1.


I hate this game... But I'm the first to have proof of beating all AI's!


Yooo! How the hell did you do this? I can occasionally score a win as well, but getting all the way to 3 points? No way!

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It's really tough, I spent probably more then half an hour figuring it out. Basically you have to go away from the middle just the right amount, move towards the middle and bounce off the line right before it disappears, then move either up or down and away from the middle again at the right moment. If executed correctly,  you have a momentum advantage and should try to push the AI off as quickly as possible before it makes it more difficult for you.

*downloads GameMaker files*

Not Bad, But Difficult.


Thanks, true.


I got to 2/3 rounds against the final AI, but I can't get to 3. You're right that it's really hard, but it's certainly not impossible

Yeah, for sure. It's certainly possible.

thankyou for uploading this


the 3rd AI is so hard lol. I'll keep trying and adapting my strategy, maybe I'll beat it.

I beat it :)




 web/mac version?


As soon as somebody builds one with the open source project files I published. :P


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Damn, this game is really fun! I like how you need different strategies to beat the different AIs. Until you get to the last one, which is straight up impossible lol. 

I would love to see your neural network train against the hardest AI and I wonder if it could eventually beat it.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, that'd be interesting to see for sure.