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using this for the jam!


Hi Jonas, I am making the game in CT.js game engine library for javascript. is that fine

I Think So

Wowie!! Thanks for that

No Problem

Deleted 2 years ago

I have a bit of confusion, but here is an question that is irrelevant: Is this pack ok for the godot engine? Can we join the jam and make the game in godot? Cause I like godot.

You Could Create The Game In Godot

we using this let's go

👍 very cool

does this have a controller script?

thats a resource pack it doesn't have a controller script

I love the musics! Did you made from scratch?

Awesome! It must have took a while to make from scratch :D


Im looking at the resources




OMG Amazing! Thank you Jonas :))


This is absolutley awesome! Will probably use this for something in my jam.


im in the jam


Love the pack Jonas, 

Is the contexts of the pack's licence CC0 and royalty free ?


As I've created that stuff myself: yes.



Always love to watch your videos ❤️


This amazing thanks I'm also a big fan.