A downloadable Digital Toy for Windows

Draw with Aiby.

The eye hides everything Aiby has drawn.

The checkmark saves your drawing in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Drawing_With_Aiby

Due to the somewhat performance hungry AI "Aiby", there is no web build. Enjoy.

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AuthorJonas Tyroller
Tagsartificial-intelligence, Pixel Art, Relaxing


Drawing With Aiby.zip 17 MB


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is this a neural network?


It's about 30 different hardcoded "mini AIs" that vote among each other where to put the next pixel. The AIs that predicted the next player actions best get a higher weight for their next vote. This way it can adjust quickly to what you are doing. Unfortunately the only things it can consider for its decision at the moment are the surrounding pixels. So e.g. if you always place green pixels next to purple pixels, the AI can learn that extremely quickly. The drawback is that the AI can only "learn" behaviours predefined by my 30 hardcoded mini AIs.

oh cool

I really like the idea of this game, I had a lot of fun.

Keep up the amazing work!

fun toy to play around with, sadly there's no erase tool.
the ai is GREAT, I love the thing when I color one part of the image the ai catches up with that a colors the same part, also when I outline something the ai ALSO do this with me. I am very interested in knowing how it does that.

I really had fun with it!

Do rates count on this entry too?


Will you snail?

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First a question: Is Aiby a neural network?

Now what I think: This is a cool idea, although the AI is more annoying than it actually helps.

Now that I think about it, it's like Squid. Funny


That's the spirit!


Does this also work on mobile? I have a PC, but it would be cool to use it on the go


Funny ! I can't wait to see beautiful drawings from everyone ♥

BTW, does Aiby doing random stuff or is she trying to do things with you ? :3


Aiby is trying to mimic what you are doing. E.g. if you are painting an outline around something, she helps you. If you fill empty blocks, she does the same. If you replace all greens with reds, so does Aiby. The only problem is she is not good at understanding context. So if you draw faces or characters, she often messes your stuff up. :D

Oh ok ! Really nice system ! :D ♥


Aiby and I are doing our best. Super cool product and (perhaps most importantly of all) juicy!!

Not bad. :D

I love how you wrote "Aiby and I" as if she's a real person. It really adds character to the AI. Thanks!

Also, that's a cool drawing. Nice color scheme 👍

The goblin king has been born


That's a really cool idea! Already have some ideas for things involving aiby hehe :=


dont download this game. It is a virus for your computer


It shouldn't be. If windows doesn't want to open it, that's a common thing for small indie games on itch.

Deleted post

really ?


Yeah pretty much every small game on itch gets "detected" by windows AND sometimes chrome gives you a "not commonly downloaded" warning... False positive. xD


for me when you fully fill a canvas with the same color it crashes


Oh, true.

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aiby concerns me

Really neat idea! Can I expect a devlog for this one?

Maybe a 30 sec devlog within the wowie jam results vid. I didn't spend too much time on this.

Fair enough!

Aiby's eyes look like it knows of the sins i've committed

Haha. :D

Looks Good!