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How to Play

  • Use the left stick to move, ABXY on to use abilities.
  • Goal: Eliminate the other player.
  • Golden crabs can only be collected when your opponent is not inside of the yellow circle. Try to push each other outside of the circle to collect the golden crab.
  • Collecting the golden crab randomly upgrades one of your four abilities.


  • The orange fog can be destroyed by blue's controllable bombs.
  • Red can use the primary attack (bottom) to dodge attacks.
  • Red's turrets can simply be destroyed by touching them before they hatch.
  • Blue is invulnerable while using the controllable bomb.
  • There is a lot of couterplay to all abilities. Explore.


For some of the upgrades it is not instantly obvious what they do:

  • Red's Primary Attack Upgrade: Fires an additional projectile towards blue that silences blue for a short period of time on impact.
  • Red's Fog Upgrade: Makes red invincible while staying inside of the fog.
  • Blue's Jellyfish Upgrade: Gives all jellyfish additional hp and movement speed.

The rest of the upgrades received by the golden crab should be relatively visible and obvious. 

Enjoy. :)


Fish Duel.exe 10 MB


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