You find yourself in an underwater seascape, starting with nothing but a hand full of cards. They have strange creatures called "Flubbies" on them. Play the cards to create a Flubby.

Likewise, the Flubby starts with nothing - it can't swim very well, has no mouth, no shell, no Flubby-Friends. With more cards you can change that! Grow your Flubbies to their full potential and create your Flubby Farm!

Beware though, as you are not alone with your Flubbies... A rivaling swarm of aggressive Gronkas is already on their way! How long can you maintain your Flubby Farm against the ever-growing Gronka group?


  • Drag cards onto the screen with the left mouse button.
  • Drag cards back into your hand or right click while dragging if you change your mind.


Listen to a recording of the background ambience and music here:



Flubby Farm was made withing two days for Ludum Dare 45.

Jonas Tyroller - Programming, Balancing, Game Design

Timo Falcke - Character Art, Animation, Game Design

Caspar Schirdewahn - Programming, UI, Game Design

Yannick Pawils - Environment Art, Sound Design, Music, VFX, Game Design

Thank you for playing!!


Download 110 MB


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92 3 times in a row, I feel like the shell upgrade never appears


Diary of flubb

card 1: god created a new creature - the flubb - to stand against the enemies.

card 2: a electrifying zap can be heard - the first enemy has been eliminated.

it was at about card 10 that the flubb nation decided to start using ranged weapons

card 23: the first warrior has fallen a great boom destroyed all his enemies.

card 40: mass reproduction has caused over 6 flubbs to be pregnant.

card 64: three unarmed flubbs were seperated from the army and taken down one by one - but one survived as 2 of the elite soldiers located the lost flubb.

card 80: flubb count 23 and increasing, over 8 of flubbs have eggs

card 97: the first of the elite soldiers fall - all citizens mourn the death.

card 99: as the citizens are getting ready for the hundredth day, 2 unfourtunate new-hatched children perish

card 107: all citizens now go through the process of bombing - less than 10 individuals are not suicide bombers

card 111: most elites are zooming through the army - many are nearing death before heading back to base

card 120: the new enemies have a profound amount of health - many citizens are falling due to the soldiers hiding in corners

card 138: flubb nation has decreased to 17 - only a few elites still stand

card 145: distant explosions sound - the army has decreased to 13 - brave citizens fight for the good, their deaths bring the fall of many enemies

card 148: franctic reproduction while the flubbs are bunched up - many citizens are becoming ranged warriors

card 160: the rise of the flubb nation - count increased to about 20 after reproduction

card 175: the nation is bunched up in one corner - healing effects are greatly beneficial to all

card 183: healing card greatly needed - outer rings are nearing death

card 188: five cards without healing - the flubb count is now only 7

card 190: multiple brave flubbs charge into the army, annihalting the swarm

card 195: only 3 remain - will we reach 200?

card 198: the last soldier is having a great struggle, pray to flubb god for more zaps

card 200: we made it - the zaps are still holding out pretty well - good thing we charged about 7 cards

card 202: the extra cards are all used up - the last soldier is having his last stand

card 203: somehow he made it until a new card appeared - he is nearing death

About 8 seconds later he dies.

What a legacy. :D

Wow, you are a legendary storyteller! Thanks!

i created a bomb army (one of them wasnt bomb but was really op)

and then i waited until army go brrr

then it all went nuke

so pog, wow

69 cards

this also fit with the theme strong together

my highest is an 302 bruh i had one that was god


I love this game

 i feel like there should be a gun upgrade 


I finally broke my record! (It was 204 before this). 

Also things get crazy when you get up there....


Played. Reached 211. Fun game and replayable to some extent.

So far, 'faster' card is a debuff, fishes start to become cornered much more often and it's harder to keep them in one area for upgrades.

Went for offspring + goo. Spikes, shells, bombs are irrelevant early game since nobody is touched really, and if it's touched, you are about to loose anyways. Probably can achieve more by waiting more (but that's too boring), utilizing bombs better, better sorting of elder fishes vs new expendable ones, better luck with nonconsequential debuff cards. Maybe endgame will benefit more from using defensive upgrades when you are essentially dead in a few waves, the only question is how few. Not sure how other players reached 300+ though, must be a combination of high skill + high luck.

Minor UX things which probably could be improved:

1. It took couple of lost plays in the beginning to understand that cards are draggable and have limited area of effect (yeah, sure, you have it in the 'controls' section... but it's buried somewhere in the middle of your funny-font page, and I guess that at least 50% of players don't read it).

2. It's not immediately clear the cards are always usable and do not require at least '1' in the left circle

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I feel like a high score read out would be an awesome upgrade to this game. Plus a menu and a pause button so I can walk away if I need to. With that it would be perfect. I would pay for an upgraded version!


99 cards on the second round. Those red cards though, that's a great way of adding difficulty and letting the player be the one to blame if it goes wrong.

149! So close to 150. 




It is so great, so simple and so addicting at the same time.. thanks for the game!


89 second try. the game is fun but there are some balancing issues. it is really hard to get new flubbies powerful before they die in later waves.

fluggggggggggggggggggyyyyy - i mean flubby


Very, very fun game, love the design and the lighting, well done mate :]


upload the fun button game I just saw the video and I want it lol


this game is addictive!

great job!


Very fun! 123 is PB which is not very good...

I think that it might need a tiny bit of balancing for the gronka cards (speed seems like the least bad) and the spawn flubby card needs to spawn more maybe like a duplicate card that has a smaller radius so you only can get 2 or 3 more flubbies using it.


Hi, thanks a bunch for playing and giving your feedback :)

The eggs are kind of that duplicate card. A well placed offspring card can even give you up to 5 or 6 new flubbies if you can protect all the egg bearers ^^

I personally prefer to play the damage card for gronkas over speed since if my flubbies are well-equipped, they can destroy slower Gronkas before any can even get a single hit.

Yes, after realising this myself, I switched to that playstyle.


Very nice game, I have sunk few hours in it. Original idea and great execution. I couldn't reach level 300 :)


Wow, aAmazing score nonetheless! I never got such a high score! 300+ is suuuper hard to pull off :)


The art and atmosphere were nice, but I didn't enjoy the game all that much. The cards only have effect on a small radius, but fully trained flubbies still die very quickly. So once you have a low amount of flubbies, it's pretty much game over. I manage to get to 54 cards (first try).

Hey, that's ok. Not everyone has to like it :)

If your Flubbies are dying too quickly for your taste, you can prioritize armor upgrades and avoid choosing higher damage in Gronka draws ;)

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wasnt sure what every card exactly did but im a really big fan of the vibe and art

Thank you, Jalecko! May I ask if you read the card descriptions in game? Which cards were unclear to you?


i got 119 

love it

Not bad at all! Glad you do :)


Looks like Flubbies need bigger farm :D



Woah 😱

Hey, what was your highscore at the end of this run? Might be a world record!


339, Difficulty escalated quickly :D

Wow, respect! Jonas, who balanced the game thought that up to 300 was the maximum anyone would be able to get :)


That's awesome!


It's the Card 130 I realize i became Flubby IS. There are more suicide Bombers than civilians.

Card 140 The Army is fully equipped and fights hard but the first explosions in the far corners are the first signs for defeat.

card 145 Old Soldiers die all over the place, reproduction can not keep up at all. The End is near.

Card 150 Suicide Bombs exploding all over the area new born Flubbies die nearly instantly. I think its time to Pray to Flubbgod.

Card 155 Just a few Soldiers remain, They cry before they activate their suicide Bomb!

Card 157 1 brave solidier tries its best to protect the remaining 2 civilians

Card 158 With a last Blast and a horrible cry he takes a few Gronkas whit him. Flubby IS is defeated. Did the Bad guys win or is it a victory over a horrible Flubby regime?


Amazing story, made my day! May Flubbgod protect our souls.

This is great! Also really sad :( The flubbies might have lost this fight, but their brave spirit will remain for generations to come! 


This was super fun! Well done! Good interpretation of the theme.

Thank you very much!


Incredibly well made game. Art, sound and gameplay. Everything comes together real nicely. Only complaint i have is that the difficulty took a little while to ramp up, and when it did it was obvious that my toughened up elderly Flubbies wouldn't stand a chance, struggling to get by while their offspring was getting slaughtered.

Thank you for the kind words :)

We wanted to give new players some time to play around, explore the mechanics and build a swarm before it gets too tough, hence the slower pace. We do get this feedback a lot though so we maybe we should have done that a bit differently.


Things are not looking good for Mr Flubby

Oh no, poor Flubby!

RIP Mr Flubby 😢


A really fun and unique game! 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)


I got to 100 cards, but at what cost? So many flubbys were killed. There have got to have been at least 20 gronkas. And the last card I placed was a new flubby, he didn't stand a chance, he was eaten alive...

10/10 would play again.


10/10 comment, would sob again.

Honestly love the little stories like this emerging from this game's systems. Thank you for sharing yours :)