A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A physics based tower defense game without the ability to build any towers.


You can overcharge turrets which makes them deal additional damage for a period of time. Unfortunately it also destroys them.

Sacrifices must be made.


Overcharge: Left Mouse Button
Restart Level: R
Skip Level (Cheat): N+L

Creation Process:


Jonas Tyroller - Gameplay
Yannick Pawils - Sound


Overcharge.zip 28 MB
Overcharged Linux.zip 32 MB


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some gameplay i got here.... i cant finish that last level (is it last?) its really hard... and the sniper tower really short live in overcharge. still it really good

Nice! Thanks for recording that playthrough. Yes, that is indeed the last level and it's quite challenging. :D

A great twist on tower defense. The randomization makes the game replayable and also hinders the optimal way to play this game. Every battle is different. Sound effects and particle effects are on point. My only nitpicking comment is that I wish there was a time indication to how long will the turret explode. Because I didn't read the tutorial, it took me several games where I madly overcharge all the turrets to learn that turrets explode after they are overcharged for a while, and the time indication would prevent this mistake for players. Based on the time I spent on passing levels, I think the game is well-balanced. Overall, a very solid entry. Good luck with the results, Jonas!

Thanks for the feedback. I agree there should be an indicator on how long the turrets will stay active. Did you beat all levels? Not bad, I think the last one is a little mean.

I barely passed level 2 and that's how far I went :joy:

Haha. I see. :D