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Ovus Nova is a simple strategy game about hatching creatures in space! Duplicate or detonate your units in order to achieve victory!

This game is still under Development! There are bugs, placeholder graphics and all of that good stuff. You should still be able to play and (hopefully) enjoy yourself with this unique and challenging real-time-strategy game, though.

What you need to know: 

  • Use the left mouse button to turn your creatures into eggs. Eggs split into two creatures after a while. 
  • Use the right mouse button to detonate your creatures. That deals damage to enemies. 
  • Your creatures are not vulnerable to enemies, but your eggs are. 
  • Kill all enemies in order to win. 
  • Press Space to pause the game. You can still detonate and duplicate your units while the game is paused.

Advanced stuff:

  • The Alt Key can be used to speed the game up.
  • At the top you can see a bar that fills up over time. When it's full you can select an upgrade. It fills up three times as fast if you don't have any eggs on the screen.

Here are some additional Buttons you can use in this build:

  • Esc = End Game
  • R = Restart Level
  • N = Next Level (Cheat)

I document the entire creation process of this game on YouTube. Here is how the game looked when I got started:

In order to find an art style, I created 4 completely different looks. After that my little YT community and me simply picked the best one:

In case you're interested in either my game or game development in general, I recommend you check my Channel out. ;D

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_p_9arduPuxM8DHTGIuSOg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JonasTyroller

Now have fun playing and leave a ton of feedback! Thank you and have an amazing day! :D


Ovus Nova 006 B.zip 22 MB


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Ich kann es leider nicht öffnen  :(


Happening  when im downloading it?!


I was pleasantly surprised by some of the depth two button game could have! Even for an early development build I can see a lot of potential here. Some semblance of control over your units would be nice, or a screen boundary. But the biggest suggestion I have is a "level complete" screen and a continue button. There were a few instances where I would finish up a level and end up accidentally commanding units to multiply or explode since my mouse button was still pressed from the last level. But this is a solid foundation! The art and music are awesome and there is enough going on in game to make it pretty compelling!


Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it! + Nice video!

At one point you mentioned that it feels a bit like a clicker. You're not the first one to say that, so that's something I'll try to get rid of!