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Fun game but it is way too hard and the art style is a bit weird and there are way too many enemies.

Ich kann es leider nicht öffnen  :(


Happening  when im downloading it?!


I was pleasantly surprised by some of the depth two button game could have! Even for an early development build I can see a lot of potential here. Some semblance of control over your units would be nice, or a screen boundary. But the biggest suggestion I have is a "level complete" screen and a continue button. There were a few instances where I would finish up a level and end up accidentally commanding units to multiply or explode since my mouse button was still pressed from the last level. But this is a solid foundation! The art and music are awesome and there is enough going on in game to make it pretty compelling!


Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it! + Nice video!

At one point you mentioned that it feels a bit like a clicker. You're not the first one to say that, so that's something I'll try to get rid of!