A downloadable game for Windows

You're a snail trying to escape the grasps of an evil AI. It predicts your next moves and places traps in real-time.

Quite a challenge! The question is...

Will you snail?

It's winter and the AI wants to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve.

There will be presents and fireworks, but not for you...


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


WASD or Arrow Keys or Game-Pad


If you enjoyed this little demo, make sure to add the game to your wishlist on Steam so you don't miss the launch:


Follow The Development! 

Discord: https://discord.gg/CJ2jkNG
YouTube: YouTube.com/c/JonasTyroller
Twitter: Twitter.com/JonasTyroller


Will You Snail - Winter.zip 37 MB

Development log


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I suggest that the game will include some random elements/features, like random obstacles, items and enemies (not necessarily procedural generation) for allowing game replaying (Replay value).

I can't wait for full release... I really liked the sounds and level design, I would put decorations for christmas tree to appear behind the spikes, to make them more visible, especially for rage & impossible when you die at same place mutiple times... I really like the snowflake-bombs, but they don't stand out as a threat at first. maybe add some blue to them as well(IDK if they will be in full release, so just saying)... I hope the game will be released soon


i snailed



I think I am going to try to complete Impossible next. 

does it work on mac?


From the Windows logo, It should be no...


casual 7 deaths :)

linux pls


Please make for mac.

I'll look into it. :)

Hey Jonas! I have a question about the release of the main Will You Snail? game. Will you eventually release it for Nintendo Switch? If so, I would TOTALLY get it! :)

Thanks for your time, MegaProgramGuy

Will there be a way to play on mac?

If I manage to make it work... We'll see. :D

is it available for 32bit OS Pls Reply :)

Not yet. To be determined for the finished game. :)

when will it go back to the non winter version


Good question... Maybe never as the old demo was just one level. :P

why does pink guy look like dis

Well in the finished game he'll look like this:


Jonas, can you make it so that in the final game you can switch between game versions?

Interesting idea. I don't think I'll be able to pull that off unfortunately. This version will stay available on itch of course. :)

Can you pls make a mac export


use wine

i have tried wine but it just opens a text editor window for some reason

i got the error:   Win32 function failed HRESULT: 0x800004005 call: at line 230 in file \Graphics Display.m.cpp

maybe it has to do with the graphics engine

Wow! Great demo! Good job Jonas :)




use wine

also wen u complete the game make a way to go back to the title screen plz

(1 edit) (-1)

amazing demo but its not Christmas anymore  so maybe bring back the original demo? also got 18 deaths on casual mode!

I'm watching all Dev-logs on your channel! I can't wait for the full release!


This game is very fun and challenging! not once did I feel that the character was out of control, very nice movement (28 casual mode deaths, squid knows how many deaths on rage mode XD)

This game is pretty hard.

133 death in casual difficulty

i cant imagine about the impossible difficulty

hi jonas, cool game

why no Mac 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

Sorry. I'll see what I can do for the Steam launch. Thanks a lot for your interest.


So excited for the steam release! Whenever I play a tough platformer (like spelunky I always feel like the game is predicting what Im going to do... except now it is

Hehe... It's not a great prediction but it is one, true. :P

I just tried for the first time. I used Wine on Linux, but it worked great! My only complaint is that, as a noob, the "causal" difficulty was near impossible on the levels with the snowflakes. The level with all of the flaxes took 75-125 lives. Besides that (and the small error log that I can send you if you want), it works great!

Thanks for the feedback. Should all be fixed for the final game. :)

Wow(ie), the impossible difficulty is actually impossible, I couldnt even make it past the first level. Well done!

Oh, yes, it is hard. Thank you.

I'm dying to play this game, but will it be available on Mac? 

And is it possible to have this demo on Mac? 

Thanks a lot and have a nice evening!

Thanks a lot for your interest. The demo is not playable on mac unfortunately. For the full game on Steam I'll give Mac a shot but it depends on how many technical difficulties I encounter. Let's hope for the best. :D


You should add Glotzb盲r to the game. 10/10 other than that

Haha. True...


This game is so good; its design, songs also the AI is so good. I liked this game by a lot.


Happy to hear that. Thanks for trying it out. :)


won with 36 deaths on rage mode. Is that good?


That's pretty good, yes. Well done. ;)

it was mostly because my computer is a potato and your game speed is dependent on frames, so i got to play it in slow-mo

if you wanted your game to run faster, then you could of pressed P for the best fps you can get

just saying...

please stop

I said STOP!

You have been warned...



Jonas is a god and please wishlist will you snail on steam馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾


YEES. DO IT. Thanks for playing.


Great Game! I like your Youtube channel a lot. Looking forward to watch another will you snail devlog.


Appreciate it. Thank you.

(1 edit)

You're Welcome

Edit: I love your will you snail sound track so much that I'm humming it everyday :D


Lets go 73 deaths rage mode


Not bad, not bad...


This is a great game well done and good luck on finishing it and publishing it to Steam


Thank you! :)


Great game Jonas


Thanks. :)


you welcome :)

Deleted 119 days ago

Should be fixed in the full game. Happy you liked it. Thank you. :)

Deleted 49 days ago

Unzip it


wow, how didn't he think of that


OH MY GOD, You are so genius 

i know, thanks so much


It seems to be unsafe file I wouldn't download it because of that


It is 100% percent safe, most games will say that

Thanks for telling

Most browsers refuse to download stuff that isn't in their database. Makes sense in most cases but is a bit annoying for indie games on itch. :P

it's letting you that cuz the file is bigger than the max that google chrome can scan, in reality it says that for every file that bigger than the scan limit, and taking into consideration this is a game made by a YouTuber with 81k subs, and that every one else who downloaded it was fine and didn't get any problems, then it's safe :)


There is always a small chance sth sneaks into the file unintentionally. I definitely didn't put a virus in on purpose. That much I can promise.


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