A downloadable game for Windows

You're a snail trying to escape the grasps of an evil AI. It predicts your next moves and places traps in real-time.

Quite a challenge! The question is...

Will you snail?

It's winter and the AI wants to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve.

There will be presents and fireworks, but not for you...


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


WASD or Arrow Keys or Game-Pad


If you enjoyed this little demo, make sure to check out the full game on Steam:



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StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorJonas Tyroller
Tags2D, Christmas, Difficult, Funny, new-year, Pixel Art, rage, Singleplayer, winter


Will You Snail - Winter.zip 37 MB

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Pretty good! Much better on mute though. Hate the "AI" voice.



my best

sadly it is not under my budget. 5 usd = 463.15 tk = 23 small 7up

Jonas squid is funny

bye bye

well ur next :)


Is the first demo that isn't winter theemed still avalible?

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Bruh -_-

Where can I get the older demo aaaaaa

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does squid swear a lot in the full game?  

no ig

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Hi. Will you upload the full version game here to purchase it?


For now it'll be Steam only because I find it exhausting to manage and update multiple stores at once. I hope at some point I can bring it to more stores including itch. :)

Dorbell I'm having the same problem. I really hope it is fixed.

Yeahh. Hmmm. Had this problem since the very beginning. Every time I try to fix it the AI just keeps doing it. Idk why.

This game was pretty boring in the beginning, but once I got a hang of the controls I was excited to play more. Then the game ended. :[

Luckily the full game is out on Steam now. :P


I died in this game, must be a bug


This bug persists in the full version by the way




ah yes, dying is a bug even if the entire purpose of the AI is to KILL you… tottally needs to be fixed... (/j)

you suck. im sorry just upadate thw game those are my final words u ruin my life for waiting for a year 2022 

you suck. im sorry just upadate thw game those are my final words u ruin my life for waiting for a year 2022 

FNF CTP is dead, because of click bait youtubers, money hungry companies and also some random people trying to profit illegally from my game

guess im only bot studio test now :(

aw :(

how about yt blocks the clickbait youtubers, how would that be

like i care .-.


if i do anything about ctp, it might not only get me in trouble, but alot of bad stuff can happen

nooooooooo ctp controversy

goodbye :( ctp will be missed :(

can we see the early build of the cancelled update?

Hello madmantoss, have you heard of me? I made one using your template.. If you want me to take it down at your command. You started it all ofc.

Hello madmantoss. 

I was wondering if something like this was fine to have existing https://coolguydaboiyt.itch.io/ctp-chat

All it is is a chat for people from the CTP community. And for people to know where to go it has to have CTP as a keyword. So I'm wondering if its fine to have CTP CHAT as the name?

where are all your games? 

why cant u make a new acc then ._. now u just being stupid like dude like bruh

please dont be quandale dingle


the game is actually so good and i had fun playing the demo
and if the USD wasn't expansive I'd surly buy it

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I edited the colors of the Winter Demo and now it looks like a very mechanical Forest. =]


I am surprised that it is free! I mean this much of a quality game for free? but please don't increase the price now 🤣😂. Anyways it is a really nice game.


this is a demo not the actual game

oh I see

full version is on steam now for 10$

yea ik dat


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Yea lol

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Yea uhhhhhhh it thinks the will you snail demo is a virus because its a limited time demo soooooooooooooo

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https://eeveeking6820.itch.io/will-you-snail-original-demo I MADE A ITCH.IO FOR THE NON WINTER DEMO!!!!!!! (I have it) so then I made a download button for it!


Deleted 1 year ago
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You asked when low fps when ecxperiencing low fps, when you spam the f key your frames will drop and when spamming r frames will get a boost by 400. I found this out while finding the controls. they are p, l, r and f...


Oof this is so hard...

How do i play the non-winter demo


By traveling back in time to when it was still here.

It’s really as simple as that? Wow. I should try that…

I tried time travelling and it didn't work! >:( https://web.archive.org/web/20200712150824/https://jonas-tyroller.itch.io/will-y...

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WHY JUST WHY!!!!!!!!!

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TO 2018

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Well I do have one of the non demo only 1 level let me send u the link to it

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https://eeveeking6820.itch.io/will-you-snail-original-demo Or just from here (I made this) Also Idk why but it thinks will you snail original is a virus what the heck

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https://eeveeking6820.itch.io/will-you-snail-original-demo I got u coverd

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Finally had enough time to finish Impossible Difficulty.:)


Wowiee! Congrats! Solid result.

Thanks =D

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When is the full game gonna Release? And make a pixel 2d engine with adding voice acting pls reply :) and make new levels :) pls And 

I like the game!:) 

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This is a wonderful game, I really enjoyed it a lot, except the last 2 rooms, I played Impossible Mode, I learned how every mechanic works but not the fireworks, in the room before last, I could see the killer snowflakes and ice falling but the fireworks were too fast to escape after I react, and in the last room, the fireworks checkmate me every time I'm at the top, but I beat them by luck, I really wish you could make it more fair so that I keep playing Impossible Mode, anyway here is my score:

EDIT: I just played Rage Mode on my second run, well, I'm going to stick with Impossible Mode when the game comes out.


Epic. Thanks a ton for playing. I think the balancing of impossible mode is a bit fairer in the full release.
Also I renamed the impossible difficulty to "Easy" for the full game. The other difficulties will be "Very Easy", "Extremely Easy" and "Infinitely Easy" :D

Awesome, looking forward to seeing it, I wishlisted it on Steam.


This is the closest I ever was to the minimum 2 deaths. :)

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Hacks!!!! :O


No Jonas. Just pure skill and a lot of patience. ;) 


\what are you doing in life patter is a great youtuber

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Next time is going to be under 10 deaths. :)


I don't really like this genre very much, but man.. I really enjoyed playing this one on rage mode and actually finished. Such a satisfaction. I really like the detail, it is really well polished and designed game. Buying ASAP.

Good job, Jonas! <3

Thank youu. Appreciate it!! <3

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My goal was to beat Rage mode in under 100 deaths. And it was close :).

I'm really looking forward to see the full release.


You seem well prepared for the full release. :D

Hell yes, I am! ^^


Will you snail?

super fun

Thank you! :)


I have no clue how this game is so fun. It managed to keep me doing the same jump for over an hour and a half without raging. When the full release comes out, I'll take 2. Keep up the great work! I will give one piece of feedback though, Squid has a bit more facial expression in this version than in the newer versions, so it would be great to see squid have more emotion in the final build. This game was an absolute masterpiece, enjoyed it from start to finish.


Super happy you liked it so far and thanks for the feedback!! :)

I can't wait for full release... I really liked the sounds and level design, I would put decorations for christmas tree to appear behind the spikes, to make them more visible, especially for rage & impossible when you die at same place mutiple times... I really like the snowflake-bombs, but they don't stand out as a threat at first. maybe add some blue to them as well(IDK if they will be in full release, so just saying)... I hope the game will be released soon

Hey, thanks a ton for your excitement and feedback. Appreciate it a ton! :)

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